Insurance Policy

When renting a vehicle, one should always think about what would happen in case of an accident, especially when dealing as a foreigner in an exotic country. If something should happen and you aren't insured, what follows are incredibly frustrating and serious consequences, one of which could be not allowing you to leave the country until all is settled. That's why here at Surf 4x4, we don't let anyone rent a vehicle without an insurance policy. This is a safety precaution for us and more importantly for you.

We offer two policies for you to choose between:

No.1 Full Coverage : $15/Day

This policy provides complete safety and reliability for our clients. This let's you enjoy your vacation, without having to worry unnecessarily about getting into an accident and having to deal with unfamiliar Costa Rican laws and extra costs (medical or monetary).
This option offers the best and most complete coverage.
It covers the cost of damages to the rental car, the cost of damages to third party vehicles, the cost of medical services the rental car's passengers and all others involved. This insurance policy also covers you in the event the vehicle is stolen or lost. We don't require any deductible fees for this coverage.

No. 2 Partial Coverage : $10/Day

This insurance option only covers the material costs of the third parties affected. This means that all costs of damages to the other vehicle and all medical costs the people within that vehicle are covered, providing you with peace of mind. However, this policy doesn't cover the costs of the passengers in your vehicle or the damages; the bill goes to you. This policy does require a deductible.

Both insurance options count with 24x7 road assistance.