• The driver should always carry a valid driver's license from their country of origin.
  • If you are pulled over, it is also necessary to present your valid passports; this applies to the driver as well as the passengers.
  • The car carries identification documents, front and back plates, and spare mechanical parts. All of these things will be kept under the contractor's responsibility while the car is being rented.

We offer 2 options in terms of vehicle, passenger and third person safety insurance:

1) If the contractor does not want full insurance coverage, he can choose to cover only the costs of third party drivers and vehicles. However, it will be the driver's responsibility to recoup losses if there are damages to the vehicle induced by irresponsible driving(liquor or drugs), loss of ID documents, safety equipment, spare parts, radio, etc, or if the car is left opened (doors, windows), or left in a unsafe place.

2) If the contractor decides to have full coverage of all types of risks (which includes coverage for your vehicle and its passengers, and third party passengers and other vehicles involved in an accident), this option will have an extra $15 cost per day. The driver holds the same responsibilities as option 1 in case of damages or loss of property in the car (as listed above). In case of the Mitsubishi Montero, loss of the key will be a reason to charge the driver as it has an expensive protection code key.


The company recommends customers to take Option 2, as this option releases customers from serious responsibility and issues that could be encountered in the event of an accident. Let's not forget that you are in the middle of enjoying your vacation or personal time. Disclaimer: Even though, both options cover most damages and costs, there is a limit to the coverage depending on the severity of the accident. Damages and other costs surpassing this limit are not the responsibility of Surf 4x4, rather, of the renter.

Do not leave the car unlocked, always check that all the doors are locked and the windows are rolled up. Do not leave valuable objects inside the car that can be seen from the outside. Do not leave the car keys inside the car, remember you are having a good time, these recommendations are made so that you can keep  enjoying your vacation.

Drive on the normal roads as much as possible, where the rest of traffic is. Try not to drive close to the coast where the car can get stuck in the sand or in the mud, and please use the 4x4 drive capability when needed. As a reminder, when you drive on to random side roads, you can blow your tires with sharp objects, or even lose the tire entirely; this is cause to charge you for those additional costs.

Make sure when you are fueling up your car to always use gasoline. We recommend this because Costa Rica has a lot of Diesel cars, and putting diesel in your car will make you lose some travel time.

In case of an accident, when there is evident vehicle damage, it is required to leave the car in the accident spot, without moving it at all. You should call 800 800 8000 and the respective telephone numbers that are provided during the contract arrangement. This is mainly because the country's authorities as well as the insurance companies need to verify the accident conditions to start the investigation. Later on, you can continue you travelling. Always remember that in when you choose full coverage, all involved in the accident have medical attention provided free of cost, if needed.